What's a local cleanup?

It could be any activity that results in reducing trash along our highways, trails, or waterways. In ordinary times, many groups organize clean-ups as social events, but we are not in normal times. So in this time of COVID-19, a local cleanup is an activity that you plan, carry out, and report so that you and others can see how each individual effort contributes to something much bigger.

The weather is starting to warm up, and you will want to be outside more than ever. So plan to integrate clean-up with some of your outdoor activity. On your way out, grab a trash bag, some gloves, and a safety vest or bright colored clothing. Fill your bag with the trash that you see. You could clean along a nearby road, street, or highway (the bright colored clothing is super-important there) or you could take a bag with you as you head towards your favorite trail, lake, creek or reservoir. If you're including young children, be sure to scout the area you're planning to clean to be sure someone else didn't do it yesterday, or the kids will be disappointed.

Similarly, if you find yourself overwhelmed in a "litter hotspot," don't despair. There's a place on our website where you can report a hotspot for others to work on. Or you could check here if you want find a spot to clean up!

Be sure to observe local, state, and CDC guidelines to keep yourself safe during the COVID-19 era. You'll find some suggestions for that at our FAQ page.

And let this be the beginning of a habit! Take a bag and some gloves every time you hike or kayak or canoe, and you'll be an ever more important part of the solution. We all thank you!