Kirk Johnson
Project Name:
Proposed Morrison Run Wilderness Area
# Participants:
Larger Group/Sponsor:
Date of Cleanup:
Total hours:
Areas Cleaned:
streams and/or river banks:
public parks:
outdoor recreation areas:
Other:Proposed Morrison Run Wilderness Area, Allegheny National Forest
Number of:
garbage bags: 1.0
 estimated cubic yards: 2.0
pounds of recycled metal:0.0
miles of road or shorline: 0.0
tires: 0

Really cool or exciting finds:
We found a large carpet in front of campsite number 12 in the Morrison campground during a backpacking trip into the proposed Morrison Run Wilderness Area in the Allegheny National Forest. It is waterlogged and heavy, and has mice living in it. We also left a plastic shopping bag full of litter we collected on top of the picnic table at campsite number 12 to be picked up.

Additional Comments:

I told Nate Welker about this, and he was going to see if anyone could run by campsite number 12 to pick this stuff up, but with the COVID situation I'm not sure if anyone was able to do this. He wanted someone to run out there before the water level came up, and possibly washed the waterlogged carpet away again. The name of the other volunteer that day was Jessica Raubenstrauch.